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Helping People From All Walks Of Life

In your time of need, we will help you reach the best possible outcome through personalized strategy and aggressive representation.

Our Practice

Personal Injury

Recovering damages after a motor vehicle accident, workplace injury or wrongful death.

Criminal Defense

Attaining favorable results for drunk driving, violent offenses and drug crimes.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Handling the application and appeals process when a disability hinders income-earning potential.

Workers’ Compensation

Fighting for compensation for employees who are injured while at work.

Employment Discrimination

Holding companies accountable for unacceptable employee behavior.

Legal Services

At Burts Law, PLLC, we aggressively represent clients from offices in Charlotte and Newton. Our professionalism has established a reputation for providing detailed attention to a variety of legal matters. We work with our clients to handle all aspects of each claim, regardless of its size or the potential amount of damages we may recover for you.

Whether you suffered catastrophic injuries in a car accident, are unable to earn an income due to a job-related incident or face lifelong consequences for criminal allegations, we will defend your rights. If necessary, New Jersey to the courts that we will litigate in your case in New York, North Carolina or South Carolina courts.

Big-City Representation With Small-Town Dedication

Holding People Accountable
For Their Actions

An unexpected injury is one of the worst things you can experience. It is one thing to hurt yourself accidently, through no fault of another. However, negligence is often the cause for accidents and the injuries that result.

Motor vehicle accidents take the lives of tens of thousands of people each year. Millions more suffer expensive, sometimes catastrophic injuries that permanently alter their lives.

If you are hurt or mourn a loved one’s loss after their wrongful death, we will recover damages necessary for covering the costs your change of life requires.

Maintaining Your Dignity
And Your Rights

Criminal accusations could cost you dearly, even before you have the right to defend yourself. We understand the sensitivity with which allegations of violence, fraud, impaired driving and drug charges must be handled.

Considering the potential life-altering penalties you face, we are committed to challenging the circumstances surrounding your arrest and searching for errors made on the other side of the law. And regardless of whether a court determines your guilt, we will explore every possible way to clear your record – giving you a clean slate.

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A Disability Should Not
Leave You Destitute

Whether through a birth defect or developed over time, a disabling condition can prohibit you from providing for yourself and your family. Although you may be eligible to receive Social Security benefits, the application process can seem grueling, and often ends upwith an initial disqualification status.

More often than not, there is hope available for you when you need financial assistance. We understand the requirements for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) approval and will help you gather the necessary documentation to support your request.

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