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What is employment discrimination?

When your employer treats you differently from other employees in the business, you might feel singled out. You want to speak up — but at the same time, you don’t want to lose your job. Your employer’s treatment is against the law. You may fall into one of several...

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How many employees steal from work?

When you think of major theft from a business, you probably consider things like embezzlement. This may happen when an accountant doctors the books to hide the fact that they took tens of thousands of dollars from the company. It is a large-scale crime, and while it...

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Do police officers stereotype teens?

When a police officer sees a teenager, that teenager may be wary of the officer as an authority figure. They may not trust them. They may assume that the officer sees them the same way.  Does this happen? Over the years, there has undoubtedly been evidence that the...

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