Drivers should take precaution when city driving

| Jan 30, 2020 | Uncategorized |

City driving can be a sport in and of itself, especially in a metro like Charlotte. According to recent data, it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in America. Unfortunately, this rapid growth can lead to more congestion on highways and city roads, which could increase drivers’ risk of injury.

However, people can avoid the dangers of city driving by taking precautions.

Taking precaution on city roads

Driving in a large metro can come with a unique set of challenges. Whether it’s navigating through traffic or continually looking out for pedestrians, danger can lurk around every corner. Luckily, these tips help them and others avoid injury:

  • Avoid driving during rush hour traffic: If people have a choice, they should try to stay away from downtown during rush hour. As gridlock builds up, drivers face a higher risk of getting in a collision.
  • Watch out for pedestrians: Some walkers are aware of oncoming vehicles. However, not all of them are paying attention. Due to these circumstances, drivers should keep an eye out. That’s because a motorist likely at fault if they hit walkers or bikers.
  • Watch out for public transit: Like many large metros, Charlotte has public transportation. As bus drivers’ rearview can be limited, it’s often hard for them to see cars coming from behind them. Due to these circumstances, drivers need to make sure they’re staying a reasonable distance away from busses to make sure they don’t get hit.
  • Stay clear of construction: As roads get fixed and more developments pop up, construction crews around the metro are here to stay. Construction can create an inconvenience for anyone’s commute. However, drivers can severely harm themselves or others if they don’t pay attention to work zones. To plan their commute ahead of time, motorists can refer to the North Carolina Department of Public Transportation (NDOT) website.

City driving is no easy task

Whether they’re a native or just visiting Charlotte, driving in and around downtown can be stressful. But by remaining aware and calm, drivers can protect themselves and others from harm.