People know distracted driving is risky, but they do it anyway

On Behalf of | May 4, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Talking on your phone while driving means you’re paying less attention to the road. Reading a text message means you’re not looking at the street or the traffic. Reaching to pick up a hamburger means you’re only holding the wheel with one hand.

Distractions take many forms. No matter what form they take, though, people do understand that they are dangerous. It’s no secret. They know that they shouldn’t get distracted while they drive. And yet they keep doing it.

The proof is in the numbers. For instance, when asked if they talked on the phone, 77% of people said they did. When asked about texting, 44% said they would. When asked if they would use a phone while driving even if it was illegal, 19% said that they would.

There is a lot of emphasis on education when looking at safety issues. The idea is that we can make the roads safer if drivers just know more about the risks they should avoid.

But that’s only part of the issue. That only helps drivers who really do not understand how dangerous distractions are. For them, this education may be eye-opening. For many drivers, though, this information is not new. The risks are something they understand. Despite them, these drivers continue to take those risks every day.

Is there a solution? It’s difficult to say. Laws can only do so much. Education only goes so far. Drivers still must choose how safe they’re going to be. When they choose distractions and cause accidents, those who get injured may need to pursue compensation for their medical bills.