Fell down at work? Let workers’ compensation cover you

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Living in North Carolina, you’ve always felt happy that you were in a place where it was easy to find a job and support your family. You’ve worked for your employer for around two decades as one of the long-time employees at the firm.

You never expected that today would be the last day that you could work for quite a while. A new hire didn’t follow basic safety protocols, and you ended up with serious injuries after a fall. When the accident happened, you didn’t want to seek medical care. You felt like you could go without it. Over the course of the day, your back stiffened, and the pain became severe.

Now, you’re sitting a hospital and hearing the news that you have a broken back. It will take months before you’re up and walking normally, and you won’t be able to work until you get medical clearance. You are in severe pain, and only time will tell if that will go away.

After a serious fall in the workplace, you should know that you can seek workers’ compensation to cover your medical expenses. Even though this was an accident, your employer should still have insurance coverage that will pay for your medical expenses. Workers’ compensation should also help you by providing you with a portion of your lost wages and supporting you with vocational rehabilitation if you need to adjust to a new job in the future.

Every case is a little different, so if you need support making a workers’ compensation claim or have received a denial letter, your attorney can help you with those issues.