Defenses to domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Criminal Law |

If you are like most Charlotte couples, you will have had your disagreements. Sometimes people feel trapped in a relationship they do not know how to get out of. In some cases, people conclude that the easiest way to escape their relationship is to file a false claim of domestic violence against their partner.

If you are facing false charges of domestic violence, these are some of the defenses you could consider:

  • Not enough evidence: It is easy to make accusations. Proving them is more challenging. In domestic violence cases, the prosecution has to prove that the alleged violence did happen. Even if there are bruises or injuries on your partner, they could have acquired them by some other means.
  • They asked you to do it: Everyone gets their kicks in different ways. Some people are into rough sex. If the bruising on your partner’s wrists is because he asked you to tie him up, you can use the defense of consent.
  • Self-defense: Yes, you hit your husband around the head with a frying pan, but only because he was coming at you with a carving knife. That would be reasonable. Shooting your wife in the head because she was attacking you with a frying pan would probably be considered overstepping the mark.
  • It did not happen: Many people have falsely accused their partner of violence in an attempt to win child custody.
  • Someone else did it: If you can prove you were not there when the assault happened.

If you stand accused of domestic violence in Charlotte, seek urgent legal help. The charges are serious and could have a significant impact on your life.