What does workers’ compensation insurance cover?

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Most North Carolina employers with more than three employees must hold workers’ compensation insurance. It is there to help you with the financial expenses you incur if you have an injury at work.

These are the things that these policies usually cover:

  • Medical costs: Some injuries have only immediate medical expenses. Other injuries can leave you needing medical treatment for years to come. Remember, not all injuries make themselves known immediately. Others can worsen with time, or you can fail to recover as predicted.
  • Scarring and disfigurement: If an accident leaves your appearance visibly altered, it can add to the trauma for you. You may be able to claim additional funds for this.
  • Loss of hearing or sight: You probably do not realize just how much you rely on a particular sense until you lose it. For instance, you use your hearing to keep you safe every time you step out onto the street. It is key to your social interactions.
  • Loss of earnings: Every case is different, yet most workplace accidents will require you to take at least a few days off. However, in some cases, the accident can leave you unable to work again or unable to continue in the same line of work.

If you were to suffer a fatal accident, the insurance should also cover your funeral expenses and compensate your family.

If injured in a North Carolina workplace accident, seek legal help. While it may seem straightforward to fill in the claim forms yourself, remember that the insurance company’s primary purpose is to turn a profit for its shareholders. An attorney can ensure that the insurer does not try to underpay you.