Know the signs of employment discrimination in your workplace

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It may be hard to believe, but many mistreated workers in Charlotte, North Carolina, are unsure if they suffer from employment discrimination.

Sometimes, discrimination is obvious. Often, however, people may doubt their feelings and wonder if what’s happening is really “bad enough” to matter. Here’s what you should know about workplace discrimination.

Signs of discrimination in the workplace

Learning about the many signs of employment discrimination can help workers identify mistreatment. Some (but not all) common forms of discrimination in the workplace include:

  • Wage disparity: Other workers in the same position with the same skillset earn more than you do.
  • Failure to promote: Your boss always passes you over for promotions you deserve.
  • Unwarranted disciplinary actions: You routinely experience disciplinary actions even though you have done nothing wrong.
  • Lack of accommodation: Your superiors refuse to make reasonable workspace modifications to accommodate a disability or religion.
  • General mistreatment: Examples include ongoing harassment and lewd language or jokes. Comments about age, race, religion or gender identity also qualify as discrimination.

What can you do about employment discrimination?

You have several options from which to choose: 

If you are still uncertain whether employment discrimination is happening to you, ask a lawyer for guidance in identifying possible mistreatment. An attorney with experience can help you sort through the details to determine if you are indeed a victim. More people than ever choose to stand against discriminatory behaviors to ensure that others do not suffer mistreatment in the workplace.