How to stay safe if you work in construction in North Carolina

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Working in construction can be extremely dangerous. There are all kinds of potential hazards for even the most experienced, careful employees. “The potential for serious injury and even fatalities is ever-present on a construction site,” according to the web site

These include but are not limited to electrocution, slip and falls, being hit by falling debris, working on a scaffold or ladder that collapses, getting pinned against a wall by equipment such as a forklift, falling from heights, sustaining a back injury from carrying heavy loads and being buried in a trench whose walls suddenly give way.

In addition, frigid weather and sizzling summer days can each put a real strain on your body when you are doing intense physical labor outdoors for hours.

There are ways to stay relatively safe and injury-free on a construction site. Getting appropriate training, working with and for professionals who understand all the risks and take precautions to minimize them and having the right protective gear are just some of them.

The 4 major dangers construction often entails and how to avoid getting hurt

These four are some of the most notable construction hazards. According to the North Carolina Department of Labor, they include falling, electrical hazards, being struck by falling objects or moving vehicles and getting caught in between, especially if you are in a trench.

  • Use a safety harness or have guardrails when you are working 6 feet up or higher. If you are on a sloped roof, have a safety harness, guardrails or a safety net.
  • Don’t use extension cords that are badly worn or damaged. Maintain at last 10 feet of distance between yourself and your tools and live electrical lines.
  • Make sure you are wearing a hard hat and reflective vest when necessary.
  • Have an individual present who is highly knowledgeable about trenches if there is one on the site where you are working.

Construction work is inevitably fraught with significant hazards. If you were injured on the job and you choose to seek compensation, an experienced attorney can help you figure out how to proceed.