The screen you think is safest in your car could cause a crash

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2021 | Car Accidents |

You already know that you shouldn’t read an email or respond to a text message while driving. Most people understand that picking up their phones is a dangerous kind of distraction that could lead to a crash.

Surprisingly, many drivers assume that other screens in their vehicles are safer than their phones. Devices that you think make it easier and safer for you to drive could potentially contribute to your chances of causing a distraction-related collision.

Car-based screens are a serious distraction risk

Trying to navigate as you drive can be quite dangerous. When you are on unfamiliar roads, you have to watch every single road sign as you approach it, rather than just scanning traffic. Global positioning system (GPS) devices help simplify navigation.

You input the destination address, and the device provides auditory instructions about every step you have to take. Unfortunately, looking at the device while driving is as distracting as looking at a phone. If you actually need to change the address or input a new destination, that’s an even more serious distraction.

Using other screens in newer vehicles can also be a big risk. The dashboard touchscreen that allows you to change the radio station or temperature in your vehicle is also a source of distraction. Just because it is part of your vehicle, that doesn’t mean it’s safe to take your hands off the wheel or your focus off of driving.

Too often, drivers assume that interacting with their GPS or a built-in screen in their vehicle is safe. Identifying risk factors that many people overlook can help you reduce your chances of getting into a serious motor vehicle collision.