How likely is a rejection for your SSDI benefits application?

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People turn to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits during difficult times. Both catastrophic injuries and disabling medical conditions may qualify a working adult for SSDI benefits, provided that the condition is severe enough and will last for a year or longer.

Some people with serious medical issues think that it is a waste of time to apply for SSDI benefits because they have heard that almost everyone who applies gets rejected. Although it is true that many people face a denial of their initial application, it is also true that there are multiple kinds of appeals available that can help a denied applicant get the benefits they need.

What are your chances of a successful benefits claim?

Thousands of people apply for SSDI benefits every year, and many of them have to go through at least one stage of appeal to get their benefits. According to self-reported data from the Social Security Administration (SSA), in 2017, roughly 36% of SSDI applicants received approval for their initial application.

Another 9.3% of applicants got their benefits upon reconsideration, and around half of the workers who needed a hearing or more advanced appeal also received their benefits in the end. Although the SSA turned them down at first, their appeals corrected paperwork mistakes or provided additional medical documentation so that they could receive benefits.

A significant number of people who would have no support whatsoever eventually get benefits because they appeal their denial. While rejection is a real possibility for those who need SSDI benefits, appealing can reverse an unfavorable decision. Knowing more about the SSDI benefits application process can help you make the right decisions when you need disability benefits.