Can you seek damages for pain and suffering in North Carolina?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Personal Injury |

If you have suffered severe injuries in a car crash or even a slip-and-fall accident, financial compensation is of vital importance. The treatment costs for such harm can reach several hundred thousand dollars in many cases. Most Charlotte, North Carolina residents cannot afford these expenses.

Personal injury compensation allows you to get the treatment you need without putting yourself into overwhelming debt. For example, most accident claims provide you with economic damages to cover your medical bills and property damage.

What if your injuries affect your life in multiple ways?

Those who have experienced catastrophic harm know that the fallout from the incident runs much deeper than the physical damage they incurred. Accidents and injuries affect many different areas of your life, especially when lingering trauma is an issue.

For example, a vehicle accident resulting in traumatic brain injury may impact your psychological state. Many victims suffer from depression, anxiety and cognitive problems. These may eventually subside, but probably not anytime soon. The pain and suffering damages you may acquire can help you address these issues and get you back on track with your life.

Pain and suffering damages are typically available to victims of catastrophic injury in North Carolina. These financial damages help you address issues such as:

  •       Lasting or permanent physical pain
  •       Diminished quality of life
  •       Loss of marital relations (after paralysis, for example)
  •       Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms
  •       Psychological trauma
  •       Cognitive and behavioral issues

If you succeed in your bid for pain and suffering, you can seek treatment to address your symptoms and overall recovery without concerns about money. We urge you to learn more about accident and injury law to ensure that you get the maximum amount of compensation available to you.